The uk best selling anti-ageing facial treatment.

Described as simply the best anti ageing treatment available and the secret of flawless skin, C.A.C.I. Ultimate anti-ageing facial is a four step treatment incorporating four unique treatment applications. Visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles with this ultimate anti ageing treatment. Developed to reduce wrinkles, firm, plump and soften skin. While visibly lifting sagging muscles, heightening the contours of the face. Also retraining fine eye contours muscles and improving drainage of the tissue to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

CACI Non Surgical Face Lift gently and painlessly lifts and tones the muscle whilst smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. CACI is the most advanced treatment of its kind backed by over 20 years of medical research. The first system to offer a serious alternative to cosmetic surgery.

CACI is both preventative and corrective treatment in combating the signs of ageing for men and women. Due to its high celebrity following CACI is the most prescribed beauty treatment.

The ‘Stars’ favourite beauty secret!

Your first treatment will show you the results and determine the potential for permanent results by a tailored course and maintenance.

What does it mean?

CACI stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument. It’s a microcurrent machine that transmits tiny electrical signals through the skin – it works to boost skin texture, tone and shape.

How does it work?

The CACI Synergy system uses LED light therapy (warm coloured light) to penetrate the skin. This, combined with microcurrent facial toning, regenerates skin tissue, and helps to repair collagen. It’s stellar combo of lymphatic drainage, peeling, cleansing and toning gets to work on deep lines too. Yep, it’s heroic.

Are there different versions?

Yep, five. The Classic – boasting the original innovative technology now referred to as the ‘non-surgical face lift. The Quantum – adds body toning to The Classic’s offering. The Ultra – its handset buzzes at 27,000 vibrations per second to exfoliate and deep cleanse, The Ultimate – combines all the above, as well as crystal-free microdermabrasion. Finally, The Synergy – with the latest microcurrent LED technology, for more visible, long-lasting results. ​

There’s a treatment for everyone

‘All CACI facial treatments are high-tech, that means they’re suited to all skin types’, says Pamela. ‘They’re designed for facial toning, microdermabrasion, skin rejuvenation, and hydration,’ she adds. So, for treating dry skin, targeting fine lines, and easing acne scars, this state-of-the-art tech is a good place to start. ​

The extra bits to know

  • Before your first CACI, you’ll chat through the process with your technician – that’s called a consultation.
  • You’ll be advised on the aftercare, to keep that fresh-faced feeling lasting longer.
  • The treatment feels warm on the skin, but it’s totally comfortable.
  • The Synergy treatment takes 90 minutes, we’d suggest a course of 15 treatments followed by monthly sessions.

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Discover the alternative to aesthetic medicine. Using a combination of Dynamic Ionisation, Thermal Energy or lifting stimulation. Our New Hydraderm deep cleanses, oxygenates and regenerates the skin. Regular treatments offer immediate and lasting results. This unique treatment, with a variety of bespoke variations to suit your skin type and concerns allows you to achieve exceptional, visible and clinically proven results after just one treatment.